With the lockdown we have seen the emergence of other ways of working, the multiplication of webinars being one of them.

At Sutralis, it is something we had already started to implement with some of our partners before the events. But it is true that the lockdown and the fact that it was impossible to travel led us to use this even more and really appreciate all the advantages webinars can have. Although, and we could not agree more, nothing can replace a conference or workshop – in situ - when you can properly see or feel your audience reaction or share an after-event drink talking about a possible new cooperation…

If you want to read more about webinars we organized or were invited to this month, please check out our “Sutralis News” section.

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 Increase of the
e-commerce due to the coronavirus 
As a result of this confinement, e-commerce has increased by 40% this week (and by 90% the first week). Facing with this health crisis, distributors have had to...
The NOLO is gaining ground in France
The NOLO - literally No and Low Alcohol - trend is gaining ground in France. Born in the UK in 2013 at the same time as the « Dry January », this trend is becoming more...
Which points of difference for organic baby food?
Organic infant nutrition is becoming more and more popular in France. For the majority of French consumers, organic label is very often associated with healthy products..
Webinar with IMEXBURO
On 14th April, we were delighted to take part in our first co-hosted webinar with IMEXBURO, our partner in Ukraine. The objective was to give a first overview on business opportunities in France, to inform about the different and often complex distribution channels but also to highlight the impact of the current crisis on our consumption habits. As this first go was a success – a lot of questions and positive comments from participants - we are now planning the second one!

Thanks again to our colleagues at Imexburo, Dmytro Kushnir and Iryna Tsoukanova for the friendly cooperation as always!
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Webinar : Frozen Food Sector
It has also been a great pleasure to be invited to join the speakers panel for one of the Santander UK Corporate and Commercial webinars. With a special focus on the frozen foods segment, Sutralis could speak about the most dynamic trends in France and how UK businesses can make the difference!

Huge thanks to Philippa WhelanAndrew Williams and John Carroll for the opportunity and continuous excellent cooperation!
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